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Of Hive Minds and Group Souls: Marxism and Islamism

Here's a peek into the deluded world of Muslim conversion. As yet unbeknown to herself (I believe), lately I am given to follow the literary activities of a young female convert - one of 300 in Belgium alone. She has a university grade in higher Marxism, and is actually an activist posing as a journalist. (One wonders just how many of those are around!)

altThe first article I stumbled on, briefly appeared on the site of The Brunei Times: the word that comes to mind to describe it, is agit prop. It can now be accessed here. At present I have come across another article she authored for the Islamic press, an 'interview' with two other converts on the occasion of Belgian Convert Day, which seems to have taken place on 4th of March this year. Here's the Saudi Gazette with "My Daughter is a Muslim".

The 'discussion' - if it has actually taken place is immaterial - indicates quite nicely what the attractions of Islam are for some Leftist inclined people. I am suspecting the author is a sufferer of Narcissistic Awe, the underestimated form of Narcissism which does not mind enslaving the whole of humanity if they feel this is in the people's own best interest. Like all Narcissists they crave attention. Through identification with a victim group they can share the audience that this group is generating.

"There is not a dominant type of people that become converts. Converts come from all social and educational backgrounds. The strength of Islam is that they are all equal as Muslims."

The author doesn't seem to be aware of above psychological pathology that predisposes some people to identify with victim groups of the Marxist dialectic, or she might indeed be able point at a "dominant type of people".

"Equal as Muslims" underlines the call of egalitarian collectivism that never fails to attract the hive mind. It's as if this type of 'carbon based unit' instinctively feels the need to home back to the collective, the 'group soul' of the drove.

Apart from the aspects I mentioned in "The Unholy Alliance: Conflating the Three Great isms" this is a futher indication that the current form of Islam belongs to the family of subjectivist, collective Counter-Enlightenment ideologies (see also Chart I: The Straight Red Line), and one reason Muslims will never become "the new Joos", as some have suggested.

In a three part post on the pseudo religious aspectsof the collectivist Counter-Enlightenment ideologies of the atheist variety, Communism and National Socialism, we saw that mass events were featuring highly on their indoctrination programs. The monotonous, rhythmic beat of a drum, or the cadence of a charismatic beloved leader-hierophant's prolonged speech, has the hypnotic effect that any right minded demagogue might be looking for. It is the opportunity to subliminally instill the message into the followers, a shot of ideological synchronizing of the watches, if you will. Islam's equivalents of course, are the Hajj and the blood fests associated with the Shia Day of Ashura.

altRegarding the latter, Matthias Kόntzel has written touchingly in "Ahmadinejad's World"; how the death cult based on Ashura (link to Time slide show) has sent half a million children into oblivion in mine fields, and wave after wave of underclass Iranians was shot to human pulp, in a way which even caused qualms in Saddam Hussein's battle hardened army.

"They come toward our positions in huge hordes with their fists swinging," an Iraqi officer complained in summer 1982, "You can shoot down the first wave, and then the second. But at some point the corpses are piling up in front of you, and all you want to do is scream and throw away your weapon. Those are human beings, after all!"

In view of the blind sacrifices made in that war by the Basiji - the Iranian version of the Marxist proletariat - they have now been elevated to unofficial police, a sort of SA (Stormtroopers), enforcers of the Revolution and Ahmadinejad's regime apparatus. They are at present also manning the nuclear laboratories.

altIt is fascinating reading how the sense of 'original sin', originating in the Ashura story has been worked into today's Islamist policies of suicide bombings (the so-called martyrdom operations) and how the Muslim Brotherhood provided Sunnis with their own version.

Blood curling rather than fascinating is the Twelfth Imam dogma that underpins Ahmadinejad's apocalyptic teleology: the more the world is whipped into this Islamic version of political correctness, the sooner the Western Enlightenment notions as symbolised by the Jewish state are obliterated, the earlier this Messiah figure of the Mahdi will materialise, enabling the end game to begin.

This renders the nuclear doctrine of mutually assured destruction absolutely meaningless in this case. And this is why the political flippancy, that we'll just have to learn to live with a nuclear armed Iran, is so criminally ignorant.

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Be Cool! Join the Nazi Appreciation Movement!

Bored to death with vacuity? Islam no alternative? Why not join the latest fad? Everybody else does ...

- American Thinker: "Mainstreaming Hitler" - "In an era when a head of state openly threatens to wipe Israel off the map it should come as no shock that Hitler is so popular that he is being used as an advertising icon. ... A Dubai-based company Conqueror Real Estate is standing by a decision to use Adolf Hitler in a national newspaper campaign in the United Arab Emirates." alt

- Arutz Sheva: "Neo-Nazi Activity Spreading Around the World" - Neo-Nazi activity is rising around the world, as incidents in September and early October were reported in Europe, Southeast Asia and the U.S."

New York
- Anti-Semites erected a four-foot high swastika at a Long Island, New York school this week in the latest of a rash of anti-Semitic incidents.
- Swastikas were also sprayed at another school and hate mail was sent to at least seven Jewish homes.
- On September 23, Yom Kippur eve, a bus outside the Bnei Shimon Yisroel yeshiva in Brooklyn was found marked up with swastikas and anti-Jewish slurs.
- In Williamsburg vandals used soap or lotion to smear the mirrors and bus interior.

- A 60-foot wide swastika was carved in a cornfield.
- Huge 600-foot wide swastika was found carved in another cornfield.

- A bed linen dealer in India named a new bedspread collection NAZI.

- A bar in a Seoul promotes a Nazi theme: the bar features a red Nazi swastika over the entrance.

- First-ever desecration of a Jewish cemetery in the country's capital

In northern Germany, a news anchorwoman for the region's public television channel was fired after she praised the way the Nazi regime treated women and the family unit.

Four soldiers had been suspended from service for creating neo-Nazi propaganda: two videos now also on YouTube.

Czech Republic
Prague officials over the weekend banned a march by the neo-Nazi Young National Democrats who planned to parade through the city's Jewish quarter the day after the anniversary of Kristallnacht.

Vandals desecrated a Jewish cemetery in the central city of Kalisz in the latest of several desecrations in the same cemetery over the past several months.

Hungarian government officials are also on edge after a large neo-Nazi cell marched in the capital in the first week of September.

alt- Atlas Shrugs (photos courtesy Pam Geller): "Nazi/Islam Nexus: Inspiration or Conspiracy" - "There is a profound debate at the heart of recent revelation's in the evil nexus between Nazism and Islamism. Melanie Phillips merits a new book on the Nazi roots of Muslim antisemitism. Matthias Kόntzel's forthcoming book Jihad and Jew-Hatred: Islamism, Nazism and the Roots of 9/11 run contrary to the arguments put forth in Andrew Bostom's The Legacy of Jihad and his soon to released The Legacy of Islamic Antisemitism. Bostom's first book provides a much more detailed "alignment." Bostom includes a vile, but seminal essay by Nazi propagandist of extermination turned pious Muslim jihadist Johannes Omar Amin von Leers."

More on the German political scientist and author Matthias Kόntzel (Jihad and Jew-Hatred: Islamism, Nazism and the Roots of 9/11) in "Berlin-Tehran: The Counter-Enlightenment Axis".

altaltUpdate: It is a common mistake to mix up the original Indian swastika with the National Socialist symbol. The former is also known as the Wheel of Life, while the latter .... well, the same but only for a limited sort of people.

Note: Irony or sarcasm is lost on some readers. Present posting would be a good example of the latter.

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Exclusive: The Clinton Legacy, The Balkan Caliphate

Last Friday morning the traditional neoclassical building, today the Cultural Center of the University of Indianapolis - an architectonic jewel in the traditional old town of Athens at the foot of the Acropolis mountain - was the scenic theatre of the presentation of a book with the skin crawling title "The Coming Balkan Caliphate", written by the American author Christopher Deliso.

altDeliso is director of Balkanalysis.com, a leading independent online news and analysis group.

The site utilizes a growing corps of writers and researchers from regional countries as well as from elsewhere in Europe and the United States. Amongst those Ioannis Michaletos, the intelligence blogger and Junior Analyst at Research Institute for European and American Studies (RIEAS) who has kindly provided this blog with unique background information on this summer's devastating wild fires, which - in all probability - were part of a pyro terrorism campaign against the Greek state, for which seventy people have been arrested, twenty of whom are described as 'foreigners'.

Deliso has lived and traveled widely in southeastern Europe and has a master's degree with distinction in Byzantine Studies from Oxford University (1999). Since 2001, he has published many articles on Balkan politics, economics, security issues, travel, history and culture in US and world newspapers, analysis firms such as the Economist Intelligence Unit, and in numerous magazines and websites.

The Balkans (link provides an excellent UN map) is the gateway between East and West, and historically Europe's soft underbelly. Presently organized crime and terrorism present a constant threat. Chris Deliso's eye-opening book details how fifteen years of misguided Western interventions, political scheming, and local mafia appeasement, compounded by a massive infusion of Arab cash, fundamentalist Islamic preaching and Wahhabi mosque building, have allowed radical Islamic groups to fill in the cracks between internal ethnic and religious schisms, and take root in key areas of the Balkans.

Deliso clarifies the situation as follows.

alt- Bosnia - During the 1990 Yugoslav conflict the Western powers conspired to allow Arab (Saudi, Wahhabi) mujaheddin, surplus of the Afghan resistance against Soviet occupation, to enter the territory as an easy way to counter the Serb attempts to keep the federation of Yugoslavia together, while countering internal Muslim harassment of local Christian populations.

Since the blow-backof this policy has become apparent, the US is pushing Bosnia to expel the radicals who've set up shop in the region. Belatedly, as by now they have gone underground. The present situation is said to be fluid.

There are however direct links between the Islamic radicals who were imported into Bosnia as a consequence of said Western policy, and the attacks of 9/11, the Madrid train bombings and the London attacks.

Another Bosnian connection that surfaced not so long ago was the foiled attempt on US Fort Dix and, just last week the scantly publicised matter of a Bosnian arrested in Vienna, Austria for a thwarted attack on the US Embassy in that city.

- Albania - Already historically a breading ground for lawlessness, tribalism and backwardness, this isolated rugged territory became a radical Islamist safe haven from the moment the old Stalinist regime fell. The US policy was to strengthen the fledgling democratic government. It is this blog's opinion that personal ties between Albania and the Clintons stem from these early years, as the US political order transited from the Cold War. Deliso: "The United States both cracked down on extremists and allied itself with Islamic leaders in the Tirana government, funding these radicals."

Albania became the scene of an influx of Wahhabi mujaheddin and Al Qaeda elements. Wahhabi mosque building is proliferating as we speak, as is Islamist social engineering: providing unemployed villagers with hand-outs to dress up as fundamentalists in an attempt at creating critical mass for the normalization of radicalism; call it the corrupt Islamist version of political correctness. This method is combined with a form of institutionalised thuggery: extortion, blackmail and intimidation. It is happening not just in Albania, but in all less affluent regions of the Balkans, of which there are many.

Albanian clan structure produces a social situation, ideal for the incubation of organised crime. The connection between terrorism and organised crime is by now well established; it is being monitored and documented by the various intelligence agencies.

- Kosovo - As was the case in Bosnia, Western policy has allowed mujaheddin to establish themselves in the territory, creating the conditions for radicalisation and Wahhabi mosque building. Also here the same pressurizing pattern of social engineering and intimidation emerges. (Tony Blair, rather shortsightedly, specifically encouraged mujaheddin who found themselves on UK territory, to join the Kosovo Liberation Army (KLA) so as to be rid of them).

altWhether Kosovo, under American and European pressure, will become independent or not, is no longer really relevant as radical Islamization is concerned. The question is rather, will the matter of independence get sectarian dimensions or not.

Deliso was kind enough at this point to hand the audience a great scoop: there are Albanian-American radicals in Kosovo who had prior knowledge of the 9/11 attack. They were actively recruiting terrorists for 'the war against America'. The UN was aware of this fact, and did nothing.

Saudis and Pakistanis are making sincere efforts to take over the territory by means of (forced) conversions, proselytizing, charity hand-outs, entrenchment of Islamic banking structures, social engineering, intimidation, etc. Islamist functionaries are parachuted below the radar into minor positions, that are nevertheless of strategic interest. The word that springs to mind, is subversion.

Funds are pouring in. Donors are located in the Middle East, Malaysia and Birmingham (UK). The Islamic Heritage Foundation is another of the great Islamic charities exerting social pressure. The organization is banned in four countries, but is allowed to do their damnedest in the UN administered province of Kosovo.

he Bulgarian region of the Rodopi Mountains, bordering Greece, has pockets of radicalized villages, once again the result of Islamist import and social pressure, through charity, hand-outs, and intimidation.

There are tensions as a result of Christian versus Islamic animosity, but there's also competition over Saudi versus Turkish Islamic influence in the region.

While most Muslims - in the Balkans, or anywhere else - aren't fanatics at all, it must be stated that they profit from the situation in the sense that extremism offers them an opportunity to present themselves as the viable, reasonable alternative. Once in key positions, the moderates are threatened, intimidated and bullied into a more radical attitude. Their Islamist enforcers often take the shape of mafia style thugs.

- Intelligence failures - There has been a marked lack of intelligence sharing between countries, as well as between national or federal agencies. This has assisted in creating the current situation to a large extent. Various intelligence agencies per country are competing and fighting out turf wars over competence and jurisdiction. Given the EU's multinational dimensions this competition is even worse in Europe than it is in America. Terrorist groups of course have no such impediments.

The policies on Kosovo and Bosnia have assisted the nesting of foreign radical elements. The UN administration of Kosovo is inhabited by career diplomats whose attitude is to sit it out while pondering the next prestigious career move. Their motto consequently is "don't rock the boat", coupled with a mind set that prefers sweeping dirt under the carpet. Whistle-blowers are known to be stonewalled. There's high level corruption.

At this point Deliso voices concern over the US government's infiltration by spooks to an extent that is alarming. He also mentions there was a second failed attempt on Pope John Paul II's life, which is rarely publicised. I think I saw it reported once, but took it for a mistake. (Google produces no hits at all).

The threat of terrorism is also changing shape: an innovation are the so-called 'white devils', Caucasian converts who escape racial profiling. I think I predicted in these pages somewhere that this will likely be the face of terrorism in the future: a sort of Islamic Bader Meinhoff, just as fanatical, deluded, and radical Marxist as the Cold War set up.

Computer hacking is assisting terrorism by 'remote control', for example attacks on essential installations, such as power grids. The spate of pyro terrorism waltzing through Greece this summer may have been ignited 'remotely' by cell phones. Also in Greece some attacks were perilously close to power grids.

More attacks than we realise are being thwarted.

How's this for a coincidence ... on the morning that the former President Clinton is arriving in Athens to consult the local Socialist Party out of the crisis it finds itself in since losing the general elections - they cannot figure out how they lost it - Deliso is filling us in on some details of the Clinton legacy: "The Coming Balkan Caliphate".

Deliso stresses that he has spoken with high level US officials who have made plain that the 1990s failed policies were conscious decisions. The election of Hillary Rodham Clinton would in all probability bring back the same politicians who signed for the flawed policies of which we only now are experiencing the dire results: Wesley Clark, Madeleine Albright, Richard Holbrooke, to name but a few.

The questionable method of rendition that got the Bush government into trouble, was first used in 1995 in Albania during the early Clinton years. Ray Robison commenting on a Front Page Magazine article by Julia Gorin, "Kosovo  The Epicenter of Islamofascism?" writes on this matter:

"... There are Islamic extremists in Kosovo. There have been for years as evidenced by the Clinton Administration's germination of a controversial policy called "rendition". It was in Bosnia and Kosovo that the rendition of Islamic terrorists to nations like Egypt - which would obviously employ torture and in some cases murderous interrogation methods - began. The reason the U.S. rendition policy became necessary is because the Islamic terrorists were not from Kosovo. They were sent back to Egypt in most cases because they were Egyptians. Now an argument can be made that these Arab jihadists, veterans of the Afghan mujahideen were supported locally by some Albanian Islamic extremists."

The US, having currently concentrated their efforts on the Middle East and Afghanistan, have an intelligence deficiency in the region. In the past the US have outsourced information gathering to Ukrainian and Romanian agencies, but stopped doing so when a inordinate amount of disinformation ensued.

- Greece - Greece has of course always objected to the failed Western policies in the Balkans, but was forced to go along with more powerful allies. Foreign policy instead was concentrated on the minor issues, such as the name of the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia (FYROM), or Skopje, on which matter Turkey seems to be very well informed.

Also in Skopje enclaves have been created that are virtual no-go areas for Westerners: ideal safe havens for terrorists and radicals.

Greece should identify and correct the intelligence hiatus. If more information would be available to combat the War on Terrorism, Greece would become a more valuable partner.

What stood out - and this is effectively the reason why Greece in the West is almost a white elephant - was Deliso's underlining specifically that the Greek governments, as well as the Orthodox Church 'have not allowed' and have 'prevented' Islamic radicals from establishing themselves in the country. The habitual means of establishment is through charity organizations.

altBut what Greece and the Greek Orthodox Church can achieve, can also be done by other countries! All we know is, that they haven't. Was that the result of active, but inapt policies as described here by Deliso, or a lack of political will? Or are we perhaps scratching the surface here of the very purposeful Eurabia doctrineas presented by author Bat Ye'or, of which we are to witness the latest instalment during the forthcoming Arab-European Dialogue on Human Rights and Terrorism, taking place in Copenhagen on 21-23 October?

This seems to be a good moment to go on record that a family member who worked for an intelligence service in the past, once disclosed that the Cold War ended at a good time, as resources would now become available for monitoring radical Islamist elements. This means that in government circles in 1990 there was known to be a threat from that area. Today it is widely forgotton that the problems didn't start on 9/11, 2001.

While many Western countries have severed their historical ties and suppressed national consciousness for ideological reasons, Greece is still a very free, traditional, Christian country, enjoying their historical roots and national identity and all that entails. While Western Europe is wallowing in decadence, and realing from its self-induced uprootedness, Greece is developing the first affluent middle class.

Deliso: "Many countries in the West, for example Germany and the UK, are in trouble through their multicultural policies." Greece on the other hand is still recovering from the historical black hole that was the blessing of being part of the Ottoman Empire. There are people alive today who remember, and there are those who know because their (grand)parents told them. Greece will have to be force-fed by the EU on multiculturalism, will it ever become a politically correct nation.

Deliso travels through the area extensively and has concluded, there are quite a few Western exiles who have found a home in the Balkans as well, the undersigned one of them. It would seem everybody is more or less adrift these days.

Finally, I'd like to remind the readership that the petition against the independence of the Serb province of Kosovo-Metohija, which would enhance the chances of the Balkan Caliphate even further, can be signed here.

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2015: The Triumph of Evil or "What Happened?!"

These are momentous times. I fear there will be a point in the foreseeable future - say 2015 - that we'll ask ourselves, "how could we've let this happen, again!". My fear isn't based on phobia (of whatever variety), or on a vague gut feeling, female intuition or on obsessively reading the papers. It is not even based on historical parallels. Rather, my fears are the result of ice cold reasoning and analysis of the essentials.

This blog discusses with some intensity the intricacies of Subjectivism and its fallacies as espoused by the various branches of the Left over the centuries - including Right wing Socialism - and how these ideologies developed out of the Counter-Enlightenment movement started by Rousseau.

altNo matter what guise the particular variety takes, the end result is always the same: repression, followed by carnage and tragedy, born out of good intentions towards the common good. And if present developments on the world stage aren't deceiving us, the fallacy they stubbornly hang on to may come to cost us dearly once again. Since the wars of the last centuries the stakes are up and the technical means for industrial scale genocide have hugely improved.

The central philosophical con trick of all Collectivist thought (meaning: the opposite of individualism, covering the far Right (negligible in numbers), and first and foremost all of the Left of the political spectrum) is perpetrated in order to accommodate the lie, so that the ideology may survive yet another generation: it is the denial of Reality and with it, the rejection of right and wrong, good and bad.

This amorality has become a problem of Biblical proportions as adherents because of it, do not recognize Evil, even if it bit them in the behind. And because of the Left's unwillingness to concede defeat of their bankrupt ideology, the Left is also incapable of fighting Evil.

altPsychologist/blogger Dr Sanity in a brilliant post "Strange Love: How they learnt to stop worrying and love the Iranian Bomb" described it like this: "Recent articles in the MSM (see here and here) suggest that the left is gearing up for an all out assault on the possibility of war with Iran. They intend to do this by using the talking point that "they can live with a nuclear Iran." ... In fact, we can translate (that) into "learning to live without Israel and the Jews". Because that is what the practical consequence of this leftist line of reasoning amounts to."

The doctor is as incisive as ever! But as the tally at present stands at 110 million victims for the whole of Counter-Enlightenment philosophies, who's to blink at a genocide more or less if it's done in the name of universal common good?! An amoral act of cowardice is better than having to fight any war, however morally justified, right?

Anybody who'd take the trouble of objectively thinking about the proposition before us, throwing momentarily aside psychopathology and the habitual ideological blinkers, would have to admit that such are the consequences of letting Iran off the nuclear hook.

But because of the central lie at the base of the ideology, they are unable to look at any given situation with anything remotely resembling objectivity. It enables them to maintain the ideology, but at the price of amorality and consequently, a blind spot for Evil.

altThe declaration in Subjectivist circles that God is dead has been epitomised by the proto Nazi philosopher, Friedrich Nietzsche. After World War II the Left have personified Adolf Hitler as the Horned One himself, thus creating a straw man for Evil. With Hitler's demise in the Berlin bunker, Evil died with him. As a result, the Leftist dogma has become that every issue can be resolved by talk and diplomacy.

The danger of this undertaking is that they run the risk of becoming Evil themselves. Their unwillingness to even consider their error, means risking the lives of another 100 million human beings. This is no political game, or a feeble discussion about up-tight morality. Existential issues are at stake, to put it mildly.

Recently re-reading some of the works of writer C.S. Lewis I stumbled upon 'Miracles' in which he refutes the Subjectivist fallacy by yet other means than set out in the PMF. In 'Miracles' Lewis is proving why - what at the time were termed Naturalists (or Materialists, Darwinians, atheists) - cannot maintain their faith in the human capacity for reason, and simultaneously assert an evolution process through natural selection.

Today's Postmodern Left have solved the issue by saying goodbye to Truth altogether, but in Lewis' time, in the evolutionary's book - absent a Designer - there could not considered to be such a thing as Truth prior to the event of thinkers, who could make the moral distinction between right and wrong.

altThis is the idea of Subjectivism in its full glory or, 'if I die overnight, will the sun still be rising tomorrow?', or 'if planet Earth is destroyed by an attack of giant squirrels from outer space and no human is left, this cannot be considered an immoral act (as only humans can say that it is).

Naturalists explain the world in terms of an endless chain of Cause and Effect. >>> The entire article is published on "Politeia".

"Violence cannot exist in and of itself.
It is invariably interlinked with the Lie."
- Alexander Solzhenitsyn

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EU: Fraud in the Anti Fraud Watch Dog

You cannot make this up! Now it's allegations of fraud in the anti fraud office. But what can one expect when the foundation is rotten to the core. Read and watch this!

EUX.TV - "Exclusive: EU fraud buster OLAF in trouble over 'Hercule' programme "- "I'd like to draw your special attention to an EUX.TV news story based on interviews Dutch MEP (whistleblower) Paul van Buitenen and with OLAF (anti fraud office) Director Nicholas Ilett, about fighting fraud in the EU, recorded on Friday."

"Ilett responds to Van Buitenen's allegations, says he is misinformed, but does confirms some details of irregularities with OLAF's 'Hercule' programme.The Commission has also confirmed to us that not all is well with OLAF's 'Hercule' programme in Cyprus. Sum is relatively small, but it does confirms Van Buitenen's is not barking up against the wrong tree.You'll also find a transcript at the end of the story. Uncut versions of both Van Buitenen and Ilett interviews can be seen on our
YouTube channel. Further reading >>>

Draft of New EU Constitution Now Available

EUX.TV: "Portuguese EU Presidency publishes draft for treaty that will replace rejected EU Constitution" -"Portugal, holding the rotating six-month presidency of the European Union, on Friday published a final draft of the treaty on the European Union that will replace the rejected European constitution. The draft will serve as a basis for further discussions in the coming weeks. Heads of state and government will meet in Lisbon in two weeks time for an informal discussion" ...

... on the Reform Treaty, which in an earlier incarnation was titled 'the EU Constitution', and was rejected by France and The Netherlands. According to the EU's own laws that should have been the end of it, weren't it for the anti Democratic mind set that is prevailing throughout the Union. If a measure is deemed necessary, it is pushed through, albeit illegally and in a new cosmetic coating. It's a insult to our intelligence, but there you are ... such is the legacy of the former European regents.

For the curious and the riotous amongst us, EUX.TV - a faithful mouthpiece - has the draft available at the site in four different languages >>>

Of Palestinian Pincers, Terror and Crime, again

Does anyone know a way out of this pincer movement?


- Haaretz: "Meshal: Upcoming Middle East conference is doomed to fail"- "The U.S.-sponsored international conference on Israeli-Palestinian peace is doomed to fail because it will serve only Israel's interests, Hamas political leader Khaled Meshal said in a CNN interview broadcast on Monday. >>>


- Jerusalem Post: "Summit failure may ignite new intifada" - "A failure in the upcoming US-sponsored Middle East peace conference would have more dangerous repercussions than the botched Camp David summit in 2000, Fatah officials warned on Tuesday. This was the first time senior Fatah officials hinted at a possible wave of violence if the conference - expected to be held in Annapolis, Maryland, next month - did not meet the Palestinians' demands. >>>

alt- Daily Mail: "Police raid finds £50m Da Vinci masterpiece in a lawyer's office"- "A stolen Leonardo da Vinci masterpiece was recovered in a raid on a lawyer's office yesterday. Police officers interrupted a meeting during which it is understood a deal to buy the £50million painting was being negotiated. Four men were arrested and are due to appear in court today. The Madonna with the Yarnwinder, painted in 1501, was taken from a castle belonging to the 9th Duke of Buccleuch, Britain's largest landowner, four years ago. >>>

- Elsevier: "Saint Martin centre of global narcotics trade" - "The Caribbean island of Saint Martin is an important centre for international narcotics trafficking, and through it also money flows to terrorist organisations. This is the conclusion of the Dutch Ministry of Justice in a confidential report on 'Organised crime and law enforcement on Saint Martin'. The report, dating back to June, speaks of an 'important and multi-purpose role concerning (international) drugs trade'. The Antilles island functions as a port of transit not only for cocaine, but also for heroin, marijuana and synthetic drugs. Moreover, local law enforcement agencies mention a flow of funds to terrorist organisations through the island. Large sums of money, the proceeds of drugs and human trafficking, arrives on bank accounts of organisations connected to the Taliban and Hamas. According to American intelligence, on the island itself are terrorists who have been trained in Al Qaeda training camps and are barred from flying to the United States. The Ministry of Justice report cautions the credibility of the information, but does stress that American intelligence agencies are not optimistic concerning crime and law enforcement on the island."

A Lesson in Modern Persian History

A reminder of the reality of history (an objective list of facts and events) before Iranian 'narrative' (revisionism) became 'Gospel' truth in the West.

Should the video regretfully refuse service (which we now know it does), our apologies and here's a link.

(A word of caution: the narrator tends to emotion and uses strong language.)


Hat tip: "Muslims Against Sharia"

Ayaan Hirsi Ali, the Moral Canary

Cacophony Redux, with only one person asking relevant questions ...

- Radio Netherlands: "Dutch parliament queries Hirsi Ali security cut" - "The Dutch Lower House has called for a written explanation from Justice Minister Ernst Hirsch Ballin on the provision of security for Ayaan Hirsi Ali. The former conservative MP has returned to the Netherlands, apparently because the government is no longer prepared to pay for her protection in the United States. ... Last year she left the Netherlands for the United States to work for the conservative think tank, the American Enterprise Institute."

alt- Expatica: "MPs want explanation on Hirsi Ali" - "Parliament will not be holding an emergency debate on Ayaan Hirsi Ali's return to the Netherlands but it does want a letter from the cabinet on the Ayaan Hirsi Ali's security. ... The justice department has refrained from comment thus far. ... Parliament also wants clarification on the agreements that have been made with the American authorities and with Hirsi Ali.
The letter should also inform Parliament whether Hirsi Ali's security in the Netherlands is guaranteed. She is currently staying at a secret address."

- Monsters & Critics: "Islam critic Ayaan Hirsi Ali back in Netherlands" - "The former legislator for the Liberal VVD party was allegedly forced to leave the US as American authorities had refused to finance the expenses of her personal security measures. So far, the Dutch government has paid all those expenses, but after more than a year of residency in the US, the Dutch allegedly said they were no longer willing to continue this arrangement."

- Elsevier Magazine - "The Netherlands must protect Ayaan, wherever she is": author Leon de Winter: "... What would be the value of her life in terms of the minister's budget? And on what basis would he come to such an estimate? These are the relevant questions of the sort that Margaret Thatcher never posed in relation to the life of Salman Rushdie, wherever he might might have been."

... and nobody, not one, is commenting anymore why this witch hunt is going on in the first place!

That's how accustomed we've become to being gagged by muzzlemen, who - in their perfection - consider themselves to be beyond criticism and who tolerate no position, other than their own.

Already they're running this world by means of bullying, intimidation and fascist threats. Such is the birth right of pocket potentates, for a while - anyway!

Of the Saddam Connection and Al Qaeda's Unraveling

The Press from Hell has really done it this time, or so it seems. Things are moving on the counter terrorism front you wouldn't believe! Or perhaps you do ... judge for yourself:

- American Thinker: "A Quiet Triumph May be Brewing" by Ray Robison - "There are signs that the global Islamic jihad movement is splitting apart, in what would be a tremendous achievement for American strategy. The center of the action is in Pakistan and Afghanistan, the very territory which is thought to harbor Usama, and from which Al Qaeda was able to launch 9/11. Capitalizing on existing splits, a trap was set and closed, and the benefits have only begun to be evident."

"This cannot be overstated: it is the most crucial development since the capture of Khalid Sheik Mohammed. Cutting al Qaeda's support in Pakistan has been a massive coup, of which our media has no clue of right now. It is the exact sort of thing that the Democrats and their media accomplices always complain that we are not doing and then completely ignore when we do it."

alt"By way of correlation, you may remember that the German government recently arrested Islamic terrorists planning an attack on US targets. It turns out that those men were trained and controlled by Uzbek terror camps in Pakistan -- this time meaning actual Uzbeks. The stated purpose of the attack was to force the German military to cease operations at an Uzbekistan base which is supporting operations in Afghanistan. The German terrorists were part of the Islamic Jihad Union (IJU) which is an offshoot of the Islamic Movement of Uzbekistan (IMU). Other recent reports have noted that the order to the terrorists to start the attacks stated it was crucial for them to "go now" and attack within days during early September."

"To cause the German public to demand an end to operations in Afghanistan just as the Madrid train bombings caused the Spaniards to demand an end to that government's involvement in the war on terror. Since the Germans are the only western forces allowed to operate in Uzbekistan this would help al Qaeda forces trapped in Tora Bora."

alt"The Bush Administration, most likely through the CIA and DIA, has pulled off a fantastic maneuver to split the global Islamic jihad movement at its base. This is the kind of stuff we may not hear about in detail for another fifty years. Congratulations to our President and our brave soldiers and intelligence assets for making this happen. Al Qaeda is losing in Pakistan, Afghanistan, and Iraq. The fact is now inescapable that they have lost the ability to impose their political will on the West, athough this does not mean ...."

Here's a link to a 3D map of Tora Bora, Afghanistan which ran in Time Magazine in 2001.

Here's the entire article! It reads like a spy novel ...! >>>

Wait, there's more by the same author. We already touched the subject in yesterday's digest. The Saddam-Al Qaeda connection!

- American Thinker: "Al Qaeda's Man in Saddam's Iraq" - "As is widely known, Zarqawi was indeed moving between Iraq and Iran at this time but his links to al Qaeda and reasons for being in Iraq have been contested."

"As I explained in a previous American Thinker article, he was indeed al Qaeda and he was in Iraq to fight Americans instead of Saddam. In that article I detailed how the Jordanian population had become more radicalized by a "jihad stream" of Palestinian refugees who were kicked out of Kuwait by that government for collaborating with Saddam when Iraq invaded in 1990. Those Jordanians, like Zarqawi, were directed by an al Qaeda associate named al Barqawi."

alt"Zarqawi's mentor Barqawi was a Saddam sympathizer and al Qaeda affiliate who sent these Jordanian-Palestinians to Iraq to fight the Americans. Clearly these Jordanian-Palestinians were not in Iraq to impose their own brand of regime change on Saddam; they were there to kill US forces."

"Now a man named Hamid Mir, who is an Executive Editor for Geo TV in Islamabad, Pakistan, writing for the popular India news website rediff.com, reveals his inside knowledge ... >>>

Of the Missing Link and other News

Here's this weekend's news and blogs digest:

- Civilian Irregular Information Defense Group: "The Unorganized Cyber Militia of the United States" - "... Some of us did indeed refuse to accept defeat. Some of that was plain old Jacksonian stubborness, and some of it was faith. We kept the faith with our nation's warriors. We knew deep down that what we were being told was not the whole story. And we believed that our nation was a force for good in this world, and that the soldiers, sailors, airmen and Marines sent forth to break militant Islamicists of their homocidal habits were the best human beings this Republic had to offer ... We have all been the victims of a massive psychological operation. Even those of us who resisted. Our faith in our armed forces remains unshaken >>>

- In From the Cold: "Behind the Numbers (September Edition)" - "Call it Spook's Inverse Law of Iraq War Reporting: if you don't see a spate of stories on U.S. casualties at the end of the month, then there must be some good news the MSM is ignoring.If you want proof of that, consider the latest numbers from Iraq. With only two days remaining in September, U.S. forces are on pace for the lowest number of monthly fatalities in more than a year. According to ... >>>

- American Thinker: "Another Saddam guy linked to al Qaeda" - "Another member of Saddam Hussein's Baath party has been arrested for links to al Qaeda, this time in Italy for attempting to assist in a terror attack using aircraft, suicide bombers and anti tank weaponry. >>>

- Real Clear Politics: "Ahmadinejad's Overlooked Message" - "The Free World today finds itself embroiled in an ideological war for its very survival. Our enemies - whether Shi'ite or Sunni - are followers of a totalitarian ideology based on Islam which tells them that Allah wishes to rule the world through them. Israel is a central front in this war. Given the weakness of Western support for the Jews, jihadists see attacking Israel as a strategic tool for eroding the West's ideological defenses and shoring up their supporters throughout the world. >>>

alt- National Geographic: "Violence in Myanmar Exposed By Satellite Images" - "A detailed analysis of images spanning several years pinpoints locations where villages have been burned, settlements have been relocated, and military forces have expanded their camps. >>>

- Catholic World News: "Vatican greets Muslims, asks cooperation for peace" - "As the Islamic observance of Ramadan comes to an end, the president of the Pontifical Council for Inter-Religious Dialogue has sent a message to the world's Muslims stressing ... that all believers, regardless of their faith, should share in "work in favor of peace, by showing respect for the convictions of individuals and communities everywhere through freedom of religious practice ... doing everything one can to reject, denounce and refuse every recourse to violence which can never be motivated by religion ... >>>

alt- Jotman.com blogging Burma live from Bangkok: "Vigil at the Myanmar Embassy in Bangkok" - "There was a organized protest at the Myanmar Embassy in Bangkok earlier tonight. There were about 100 present for a prayer and meditation vigil. This Embassy is located on a busy street under the skytrain tracks two blocks from Sathorn Station. I'll try to get my video up tomorrow. Bangkok religious groups were well represented, as were expatriots. >>>

- Stop Islamization of Europe: Press Release - "Stop Kuffarphobia and Kalifascism! London demo 26th October 2007 - To coincide with Islamo-fascism Awareness week in which events are being held across the USA highlighting the bullying by Islamists against non-Muslims throughout the world. To protest against Kuffarphobia  the irrational fear and loathing of non-Muslims by Islamists. To protest against the persecution of non-Muslims via Sharia law in Islamic countries. To protest against the under-reporting or even total lack of reporting about such persecution in Western media. >>>

- Flanders Fields: "On Break" - "Please add your vote for a Free Europe at the link on the right. You don't have to be European to vote. >>>

"Leftists For Sharia"

For some time now I have been persuaded that, whereas Islamism may pose a serious threat to Western civilization as we know it, a certain brand of Western Leftists should be feared even more. There is of course the cooperation of Islam and the Left in the Unholy Alliance (see here for interfaces and commonalities), but the type of Lefty I am referring to at the moment, is in a pathological league of his own.

altThis type of Islamist advocate is a sufferer of Narcissistic Awe, ugly sister of Narcissistic Rage. Both variations may be combined within the same person at different instances. I'm leaving the causes of this sociopathology aside for the moment, but hippy parents would be a pointer.

The Narcissistic Awe sufferer craves attention. Either positive or negative attention will do. This is the type of person who would enslave the entire world, if he thought this would be for the good of humanity. With this in mind it becomes apparent why we find this type of patient primarily in extreme Leftist circles.

The patient preferably also identifies strongly with what he or she perceives as the underdog, the Oppressed minority of the Marxist dialectic. In this way they share in the attention the underdog is getting on the basis of his particular victimhood.

This identification with the underdog is a problem if the patient happens to be white and the identifying minority member of another race: you could of course marry, but it's still a poor proxy compared to the real thing. Thankfully there are also homosexual and faith-based underdogs to choose from. In the former case one simply makes a personal choice in sexual preference; in the latter, one converts.

altChristianity being the religion of The Oppressor (remember, The White Patriarch), the choice for Islam is an easy one to make (see the Left's and Islam's commonalities in "The Unholy Alliance"). But on doesn't need to go as far as that. As apostasy happens to be a capital offence in Islam, I would surely advice thinking twice before taking the fatal step.

Narcissistic Awe sufferers - as such, entitled to some leniency - are nevertheless unpleasant people, if only because they dictate the world to conform to their wishes and requirements. Within the discourse about Islam in Western society I come across this type of pocket potentate more frequently than I care for.

In the run up to the 9/11 Stop Islamization of Europe demo in Brussels I stumbled upon a young Belgian convert. She is an activist aligned with Hizbollah adherent Dyab Abu Jahjah, leader of the Arab European League. Posing as a journalist, she proliferates vitriolic pieces in periodicals in the Islamic world with the obvious view of stirring the passions against the West. The Brunei Times ran one such invective briefly, until their attention was presumably drawn to the fact that the article excels in lies, half truths, irrational revisionism and abject nonsense. Currently it has resurfaced on an Indian Blog under the title "Eye on Europe's Islam hypocrisy".

altAnother example of the Narcissistic Leftist for Sharia can be enjoyed here (Liberty Bell). This one is related.

In reference to the recent discourse initiated by "Muslims Against Sharia" I stumbled this morning on a site in the Middle East which regretfully doesn't give reason for optimism. "MidEast Youth Thinking Ahead" is a site by "a diverse group of young students, bloggers, and activists who strive for coexistence through democracy ... dedicated to eliminate extremist ideologies and ignorance from the Middle East".

Only a brief perusal yielded an article on that staple of American society: not freedom, but racism. According to this piecethe definition of racism is, that it is exclusively directed - not against a race, but against Muslims: all other instances of 'racism' are actually mere 'mistakes'; the intended victims are Muslims, always! What a truly sad piece of paranoia!

altBut that's a side issue. Back on the trail of Lefties for Sharia is a commentary made by a member of Troofers United (The Real Truth Behind 9/11 conspiracy movement!) on an article "Muslims Against Sharia": Islamic Reform Movement. While the MidEast Youth Thinking Ahead itself terms the initiative an "interesting project", Mr Narcissism alias Randell Jones - in a pedantic talking down to the natives - is enlightening the MidEast Youth readership that:

... "The fact they include Yassir Arafat in the list shows that this organization is more concerned about promoting Zionism than in reforming Islam. ... they make a comparison of the Iranian President Ahmadinejad to Hitler. ... There is so much misinformation on that website I am surprised that you chose to put a link to it. This websiteis more concerned with demonizing Muslims than reforming Islam."

Like the Belgian convert, pathological projection has turned him against the civilization he stems from. He's stirring the Islamic cooking pots of hatred in the Middle East against the West as a veritable Graduate Ne Plus Ultra from the Marxist School for Agents Provocateurs. He's too pathetic to understand that the sad fate of traitors is, that - once used - they end up being loathed by all parties: betraying the one, why not the other as well!

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The Secret Behind Muslims Against Sharia

Muslims Against Sharia(the readership has been requested not to abbreviate) is making the headlines in the blegosphere. But not all is well! While some are singing their praises, others are doing their very utmost to expose the movement as Neocon based, or are hinting at the obligatory Jooish conspiracy.

Self appointed defenders of the purity of faith are scrutinizing "Muslims Against Sharia" texts and Manifesto for insufficient in-depth knowledge of Muzzlemanic scripture, and for contradictions that no born Muslim would stoop to.

The former kind of critic is represented by a rather vicious exemplary of the self styled Free Thinker (since 1881!). You know the type: the McCarthys of the faith-based press, habitually confusing Enlightenment with the new dogma and compensating their irrationality with hyperbolic sarcasm. The witch-finder general's shriek must have pierced cyberspace today as Free Thought remembered to associate Sharia Law with the Muslim version of G*d! Whatever.

In Muslim circles there are nowadays examples aplenty of the opposite sort: the lay exegete, or amateur Zealot. One of them hastily established a personal blog, entirely devoted to the 'debunking' and 'exposure' of "Muslims against Sharia".

Regretfully, what Muhairi8 - the blogger behind "Exposing Muslims Against Sharia" - is doing in fisking the Manifesto, is simply abrogating "Muslims Against Sharia's fine job. In his zeal to expose the people behind the movement, Muhairi8 is confirming many counter-jihadists' claim that Islam and democratic values are mutually exclusive. Take the following commentary from his end:

alt- Muslims can't go against Sharia. Sharia is orders of God and the Prophet from the Koran and the Hadiths, so going against the Sharia means going against the Islam. [sic]


- What kind of a Muslim wants to change the Koran?

- Q: "Muslim fundamentalists believe that the Koran is the literal word of Allah."
- A: Of course we do.

- Q: "Could it be possible that the Koran itself was corrupted by Muslims over the last thirteen centuries?"
- A: Again no Muslim will say such thing.

- Q: "The following verses promote divisiveness and religious hatred, bigotry and discrimination. They must be either removed from the Koran or declared outdated and invalid, and marked as such."
- A: Again no Muslim will say such thing.

- Q: "Support 'Muslims Against Sharia' and help moderate Muslims fight Islamofascists!"
- A: Yeah right.

He concludes: "I think that I provided enough evidence that they are not Muslims", while confirming in the process that:

- Koranic scripture is untouchable, even if it encourages Muslim exclusiveness, intolerance of others and justifies violence;

- (Self) Criticism is rejected, rendering Muslims beyond improvement;

- Sharia Law is elevated above all other law, encouraging Muslims to break the law in the Dar-al-Harb, where and when incompatible with Sharia.

Read the entire exchange and "Muslims Against Sharia's refutation.

The question remains: who's behind "Muslims Against Sharia"? Is it the Neocons, is it The Juice? Or the missing Mahdi? Are we actually witnessing the birth pangs of a true Islamic Enlightenment Movement: the Muslim equivalent of Vatican II? Is this the long awaited liberalization process that the Orientalist experts have been promising for so long?

Confused ... wait till next instalment ... (we ain't seen nottin yet, is my guess!).

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On Mahmoud Day, Myanmar Day!

After the first lady went out of her way:

alt- Int'l Herald Tribune: "Laura Bush calls on U.N. to denounce Myanmar government" - "In a gesture of public policy not normally associated with first ladies, she telephoned the United Nations secretary general, Ban Ki Moon, last Friday and called on him to denounce the junta that rules Myanmar, the country formerly known as Burma."I wanted the U.N. to be on record saying, at least, that we know what's happened in this recent crackdown," she said in an interview Wednesday."

... and her husband weighed in ...

- AFP: "Bush blasts Myanmar junta for 'tyrannical' crackdown" - "Piling pressure on the generals, Bush said he would be speaking out about Myanmar, formerly known as Burma, at a weekend summit of Asia Pacific leaders in Sydney."

... and even a Leftist mouthpiece cannot keep quiet any longer ...

- Al Guardian: "Tens of thousands support monks in Burma protests" - "Tens of thousands of people joined around 10,000 Buddhist monks in Rangoon today in the biggest demonstration against the ruling military in Burma for 20 years."

... isn't it time that the entire peace loving, truth admiring, reality based, morally bankrupt anti war camp turned out the placards, said something, some little thing, a few words perhaps ... a sigh than at least? Instead you get this:

- Global Researcher: "Preventing a Rogue President from Committing a War Crime: Open Letter to the New Generation of Military Officers", subtitled "Should-some-civilian-order-you-to-initiate-a-nuclear-attack-on-Iran-you-are-DUTY-bound-to-refuse-that-order", by Dr Lt. Col. Robert M. Bowman - "Our oath of office is to "protect and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic." altMight I suggest that this includes a rogue president and vice-president? ... we in the military have not only the right, but also the DUTY to refuse an illegal order ..." Hat tip: Right Truth

Personally, I blame the Global Researcher, the webpage publishing "news articles, commentary, background research and analysis on a broad range of issues, focusing on social, economic, strategic, geopolitical and environmental processes", as researched by the Center for Research on Globalization. I feel publishers are DUTY bound to protect some authors at a certain point against themselves! Where that certain point is? Let's say, as of embarrassment level ...

alt... which reminds me of the Dutch Anti Terrorism czar, who happens to be a Frisian. The Frisians are an ancient, indigenous people inhabiting the utmost northern fringes of the Netherlands. Their flag is a feast to the eyes. They are well known for their pigheadedness, their blond, easy going women, their arduous skating events known to last over 48 hours, rustic alcoholic beverages and cute names.

This official was baptised Tjibbe Joustra. He's also known to say cute things about Muslims (another rustic, ancient, not so indigenous people inhabiting the rest of the Netherlands). Joustra says that Muslims are known to be easily upset and prone to seek the assistance of explosive material when provoked. Since this is well known, the Dutch have only themselves to blame should dangerous situations erupt. It's not just the Frisians though, that are well known to love a game of "Blaming the Victim".

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Ahmadinejad Weekend!

Mahmoud 'The Nuke' is honouring New York with a visit! Let's celebrate with a video, straightening the MSM sponsored revisionism in the process:


alt Hat tip Atlas Shrugs

Gina Cobb has a lovely story for the true MSM hater! My new improved title: "Stupid, Lazy AND Dishonest".

Iran Update

Received following update dated 19th September from the Committee on the Present Danger:

Iran's Other Proxy War Against the West
Tehran's Troublemaking in Afghanistan

America's leaders have focused much more intensely in recent weeks on Iran's deepening role in Iraq, where U.S. officials say the Islamic Republic is helping expand the scope and lethality of the insurgency against the U.S.-led coalition. In their testimonies before Congress last week, General David Petraeus and Ambassador Ryan Crocker both delineated Iran's malignant political and strategic role in the former Ba'athist state.

Increasingly, however, Iran is working its destabilizing magic on another front in the War on Terror as well. Quietly, and away from the public eye, Iran's ayatollahs are attempting to subvert the fragile, pro-Western government of President Hamid Karzai in Afghanistan. Evidence of an Iranian hand in the former Taliban stronghold is mounting. >>>


alt- The Washington Times: "Ground Zero is not for crashing" - "Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, the well-armed fruitcake who is more or less in charge of the government in Iran, knows how to pull the chains of certain wimps in the West. The Iranian president will arrive in New York City on Sunday for a two-day visit to the United Nations, where he will deliver one of his entertaining rants against the United States, Israel and the West." >>>

- The Washington Post: "Columbia Won't Cancel Ahmadinejad Speech" - "Columbia University said it does not plan to call off a speech by Iran's president despite pressure from critics including the City Council speaker, who said the Ivy League school was providing a forum for "hate-mongering vitriol." >>>

- Monsters & Critics: "Thousands mourn slain member of parliament, Ghanem, in Beirut"- "Thousands belonging to the anti-Syrian camp Friday mourned slain MP, Antoine Ghanem, who was killed two days ago in a bomb blast in the Christian eastern sector of the capital. ... He was the eighth anti-Syrian figure to be slain since the 2005 assassination of former Prime Minister Rafik al-Hariri. ... Ghanem's death has now reduced the number of the majority to 68 in the 128-member parliament against a Shi'ite-Christian opposition bloc that includes Hezbollah, which is backed by Syria and Iran. >>>

Trouble being in the opposition? Just kill the government! Where's the useless U.N. and their tribunal? Perhaps too busy fighting off the latest evidence of moral bankruptcy?

alt- The Wall Street Journal: "Yet Another UN Scandal" - "This might look like progress toward prosecuting one of the 20th century's most heinous genocides: the extinction of over one million Cambodians between 1975 and 1979. Unfortunately, this optimism masks another U.N. corruption scandal in the making -- one so serious that it threatens the legitimacy of the entire process." >>> Here's more >>> The kickbacks payable to the Cambodian judges come out of UN funds.


"Muslims Against Sharia" issue Counter Bounty

~ Urgent Blog Burst Request ~

n reply to yesterday's crosspost from Gates of Vienna on the Lars Vilks Modoggies Art Project, we received following message from "Muslims Against Sharia":

alt"Muslims Against Sharia" praise the courage of Lars Vilks, Ulf Johansson, Thorbjorn Larsson and the staff of Nerikes Allehanda and Dagens Nyheter and condemn threats issued by Abu Omar Al Baghdadi and the Islamic State of Iraq.

Muslims Against Sharia will provide a payment of 100,000kr (about $15,000) for the information leading to capture or neutralization of Abu Omar Al Baghdadi.

altMuslimer mot Sharia berφmmer Lars Vilks, Ulf Johansson, Torbjφrn Larsson och φvriga anstδllda pε Nerikes Allehanda och Dagens Nyheter fφr deras tapperhet och fφrdφmer hotet frεn Abu Omar Al Baghdadi och Islamistiska Iraq.

Muslimer mot Sharia betalar 100 000 SEK (ca 15 000$) fφr information som leder till gripande eller oskadligφrande av Abu Omar Al Baghdadi.

Muslims Against Sharia - Defend Freedom of Speech - Support Sweden!"

"The Nice Matters Award" for Intrepid Blogstresses

alt1389 Blog Antijihadist Tech - apart from relentlessly hunting censors and cyber jihad - has shown there's another side to her too. She has kindly nominated "Phanari" for The Nice Matters Award.

The award is an initiative of Glitter and Grunge, an online shop for unique handcrafted accesories, gifts and collectibles!

The reward is the sidebar button for your blog and the honour of nominating seven more rockin' blogstresses. 

1389 herself was nominated by Velvet Hammer, who got nominated by Debs at Right Truth. Velvet Hammer is keeping tally, so please keep her abreast of future developments as Nice Matters is developing.

Here are the nominees of the Phanari jury, in random order:

alt1. Pamela Geller at Atlas Shrugs;
2. Pat Santy at Dr Sanity
3. Gina Cobb
4. Neo Neo-con
5. Ayaan Hirsi Ali at Ayaan Weblog
6. Incognito at Confessions of a Closet Republican
7. Tiberge at Gallia Watch

Take the day off from the death-cult induced mass hysteria of the Left, and have fun (for once), gals!

Of Censors, Norks and Virtual Itinerant Reporting

The auto censoring machinations at the MSM spin factories have created an interesting derivative, almost reminscent of the time of earliest printed newspaper: the itinerant reporter! The news as it happens (as opposed to 'the news as we like to report it') - the items that the MSM is suppressing, doctoring or manipulating - is being picked up by the bloggers and other niche reporters.

This week concentrated on the Stop Islamization of Europe (SIOE) demo on 9/11 in Brussels, which was ninety percent MSM suppressed and some ten percent re-framed/selectively emphasized. Now that the dust is settling it can be said it is no surprise that participation was low, as large numbers of would be picketers were hauled in by the police, long before even reaching the place of action. Here's one astonishing account.

I am suspending endorsement by this blog of the SIOE, until some leadership issues have been settled satisfactory: the removal of my critique, while it is dealt with by the British Branch in the usual defensive terms, is but the last straw. I do owe the readershipan account of the day's press conference. Here it is. Skender has the latest slide show.

In all the suspense and emotion the virtual itinerant reporter might almost overlook a mighty interesting article that was published in the MSM, in this case in today's Times Online: an account of how Israel this week flattened Syria's nork pile: "Israelis 'blew apart Syrian nuclear cache' - Secret raid on Korean shipment":

"It was just after midnight when the 69th Squadron of Israeli F15Is crossed the Syrian coast-line. On the ground, Syria's formidable air defences went dead. An audacious raid on a Syrian target 50 miles from the Iraqi border was under way ... As a bonus, the Israelis proved they could penetrate the Syrian air defence system, which is stronger than the one protecting Iranian nuclear sites. >>>

And ...


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An Unholy Alliance of Another Kind: Terror, Crime and Gags

In "The War Against the Greek State" in relation to the 'asymmetric nature' of this summer's wildfires in Greece, reference was made to its close relation with crime. Ioannis Mechalitos, Junior Analyst & Coordinator at the Southeastern Europe Office of the World Security Network Foundation described it as follows:

alt"... the all-pervading criminal networks have gained a lot of strength over the past decade due to the opportunities the globalization process provides for their communication, transfer of funds and recruitment. A combination of political aims, ill-aimed business strategies, and abundance of 'executive personnel', is a first clue of what might have caused the current situation and what lies ahead, not just for Greece but for the whole world."

"The only organizations having the logistics in place for the series of arson attacks are international criminal networks. "... only an internationally networked factor could have organized the whole scheme, preferably associated with illegal industries such as narcotics, trafficking and weapons smuggling."

I'll have more details in a few weeks' time, but the idea behind pyro terrorism is "why take the trouble of resorting to dirty bombing when you've got perfectly good, unconventional, asymmetric, large scale arson at your disposal?"

altOn 14th August Flanders Fields in "Stop Forum Shopping Terrorism" reported on the case of Dr Rachel Ehrenfeld, who was also Pamela Geller's guest at BlogTalkRadio. While the legal gagging of investigators takes on the dimensions of a strategy in itself, Dr Ehrenfeld in a recent article "Terror Criminal Links Growing" on Frontpage stresses that:

"... even if only a little (of laundered crime money) goes to terrorist groups, it's frightening ... not only that, but you see the convergence of organized crime and terrorism occurring. In May 2007, Los Angeles Sheriff Department Lt., John Sullivan, stated: "organized crime groups in Los Angeles County are supporting international terrorists."

"Jihad is not committed by the sword alone. While less transparent, economic and financial jihads are far more insidious aspects of the jihadist war to defeat the West, and especially the U.S." More on the site of The American Center for Democracy.

Information on Dr Ehrenfeld's suppressed book "Funding Evil", as well as on a global conference call with the author scheduled for tomorrow September 16th, can be found on News Release Wire.

Update: Here's a link to a Pajamas video of Robert Spencer's take on the latest ObL missive on the event of "the sixth 9/11 anniversary."

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The Unholy Alliance: Conflating Three Great isms

Witnessing the sad demise of democracy in front of the European Parliament building in Brussels yesterday, takes some digesting, even for one that was already aware of the realities. I will combine further comment on it with a piece I was already working on: the cooperation in the Unholy Alliance between Islam and the Left. People have often expressed their surprise over the apparent cooperation pact between two parties that - on the surface - seem to be each other's opposites. I hope to clear up that misunderstanding.

altAs a girl and later as a young grown-up I could never understand how - in the run up to World War II - Nazi Germany could arm itself to the teeth with no one doing anything to prevent it. Entire weapon systems were stockpiled in the Soviet Union as the arsenals and warehouses in Germany proper were stored to full capacity. Yet the furnaces and steel works were operating full steam 24/7 as unemployment rates dropped to zero percent, thanks to Hitler's National Socialist Party's 'employment policies' of everyone on the state's pay roll.

Yet Europe had influential pacifist movements (here's an brilliant take by Sanity on the subject). The U.K. had Richard "Peace in our Time" Chamberlain, and Mayoresses who promised to "not so much as darn a sock if it assisted the war effort", while 'bluestockings' and other enlightened academics conducted Peace Marches in Europe's streets.

I never understood how advanced, civil societies could let such disasters as World War II take place. That is, until yesterday. In fact, it's becoming blatantly obvious how last century's great wars, the holocaust and the enslavement of half the continent in its wake, could take place. Now, as then, we are closing our eyes to a reality that is too scary to contemplate, let alone deal with it. Yesterday in Brussels we saw the conflation of three great isms taking place before our eyes. It is very sad to see just how far indeed we have already sank into the black hole of dictatorship.

altIt's a bit of a pity that Stephen Hicks' explanation of Postmodernism (or cultural Marxism) doesn't get the attention it deserves. Hicks comes to another categorization of ideologies than is common. He explains that both Communism and National Socialism derive from the Counter-Enlightenment movement that started with the philosophies of Rousseau. This was a reaction to the primacy of reason that features so prominently in Enlightenment thought, of which Classical Liberalism or Libertarianism became the political offshoot (not to be confused with today's liberalism, which is Left Light).

Does the following Rousseau quotation on the ideal state strike anyone as compatible with Islam? "... the state cannot ... pursue a policy of toleration for disbelievers, or view religion as a matter of individual conscience. It absolutely must ... >>>

After theocrat extraordinaire Rousseau, both Hegel and Kant expanded on anti reason philosophy, eventually even doing away with objective reality and epistemology: man is incapable of knowing anything, to each his own universe: reality is subjective. This has provided Communism and National Socialism with their subjectivist basis.

Experts in Islam never stop to point out there is not 'one Islam'. Every Muslim has his or her own subjective perception of it (apart from the five pillars that is, presumably). I have no reason to doubt it: after Rousseau's take on the ideal state, this makes the second, basic conflation of the three great isms.

As hinted at earlier, from 1939 to 1941 Communism and National Socialism shared a history of cooperation. The German army held manoeuvres in Russia and vice versa. Both totalitarian ideologies were Socialist and differed only on its implementation: the Nazis were nationally inclined (using the ethnic dialectic of the German Volk), while the Communists favoured global subjugation (hence the 'Internationale').

After World War II the Left portrayed Hitler as the great satan. Here the dichotomy of Nazism versus Communism was born: this was however a Communist PR ploy which has worked to this day. But far from being opposites both ideologies are in fact each other's mirror image, cousins if you will, while the real opposition, the actual enemy, is Classical Liberalism or Libertarianism, rooted in the Enlightenment and in the West, which by the way wasn't originally radically atheist at all, on the contrary.

Over time and through various twists of history the two totalitarian isms also got transplanted onto Middle Eastern soil, where they gave birth to Panarabism, Arab Nationalism and Ba'athism.

altToday's political correctness emanates from a revived Marxism from which the baby boom generation of the 60s cannot seem to say goodbye: their hatred of a free West is burnt onto their souls and treason his their second nature. Some one described it aptly as "they just cannot pop out of the Marxist dialectic". It is their mindset that is our ruin today, as they now inhabit the corridors of power.

If a recently unearthed 1985interview with KGB agent and Soviet defector Bezmenov is anything to go by, the moral compass of the 60's generation has been totally and irrevocably removed by the KGB subversion program. What that left undone, was completed by the fifth columnists at the Frankfurt School of Cultural Marxism, as the undersigned can personally attest to. (For novices, here's a commentary on Gramsci, another luminary)

The influence these intellectuals had on that generation can simply not be overstated: they prescribed how 'thinking people' should act and what their opinions should be, from the books and the newspaper they read, the friends they kept, to the movies they saw, to the brand of tobacco they smoked and the coffee they drank.

They were in no uncertain measure specifically 'present' in the bedroom, which - if they had any say in the matter, should preferably be shared by any number of people. The family a gonner as women dragged husbands through divorse courts whole-sale, Eros and Agapi were kept strictly separated as per Kinsey oukaze. Children became a kind of common property, to be raised and cared for, by whoever happened to be present (if any).

altFast forward to the new millennium. The cooperation in the Unholy Alliance of the Western Left with Islamists, as the latter swap their secular subjectivism for a theological one, is simply a Feast of Recognition: egalitarian collectivism against individual liberty, totalitarian statism versus limited government at the people's pleasure, anti reason against science and technology, socialism vs. capitalism and free markets, state (which in Islam is synonymous with religion) against voluntary mutual benefit, state/divine intervention versus free will: in short, combined totalitarianism against the classical liberal values as embodied by the West: freedom and democracy.

And of course the collectivists share the dialectic of Oppressor versus the Oppressed and socially constructed victimhood. This mock epic battle is the basis of all collectivist ideologies, cultivated to keep the 'struggle' going. Communism had its classes; the Nazis the German Volk; Cultural Marxism its students, women, gays and blacks, as Islam has the believers versus the infidel.

Multiculturalism is a later manifestation of Cultural Marxism and keeps true to the dialectic mechanism on a cultural level, while N.G.O.ism (U.N.) and transnational progressivism (E.U., N.A.U.) play the same trick on the global scale of nations and states. The same story is transposed and extrapolated on all levels. So much for defeating Marxism, fifty years overdue.

Last but certainly not least the totalitarian isms share a justification of violence to power: the Western versions' passe-partout is provided for by Messrs Rousseau and Marx; the Islamic variety is of course rooted in Koranic scripture, which in the early stages also served as a platform for the conquest of the Christian lands in the Middle East and beyond.

altI have laid down the ideological histories and how the three isms relate, in Chart I: The Straight Red Line for easy reference.

But the uncovering of the close ties within the Unholy Alliance doesn't stop here. AEL's Abu Jahjah's vocabulary of choice don't come by accident straight out of the Marxist-Leninist handbook for Leftist dummies. Just in: Hodja has published "Postmodern Jihad - What Osama bin Laden learnt from the Left", insights into the more recent relations between Islamism and Cultural Marxism: have hardly read it myself, but I think I should share it.

Much is made of political correctness. Some interpret it as latter day Cultural Marxism itself. Personally I see it as soft social pressure, to coerce others into conforming with the Left's ideology: the 'redistribution' of freedoms and rights along the lines of the dialectic. The idea is to take from the Oppressor and shift it to the Oppressed minorities. The great trick is to treat gender and faith, on an equal footing with race. But what we have to keep in mind here, is that gender is subject to choice, while Muslims are born as such.

altThis can be taken very far indeed, as legislation is put in place in support of the same object. We have recently seen that played out with the SIOE demo and Brussels Mayor, Freddy 'The Toad' Thielemans. At that stage, we have de facto a totalitarian situation where dissenters are made common criminals, case need on trumped up changes of assaulting a bus driver. Baron Bodissey of Gates of Vienna is spot on in today's post "Democratic Europe R.I.P." Freddy and His Walloon Troopers made European history yesterday.

But for most, including the good people of the silent majority [1], if reality gets too scary to deal with, denial erects a impenetrable curtain of make-belief in the hope the bogey will go away. I just read this morning in a paper that the Dutch as a nation, have become happier than they were a few years back during an economic downturn. Happy totalitarian dreams every one! I hope your bank accounts grow at an even pace!

Others - like Council of Europe's Secretary General Terry Davis - have become completely deluded in their psychological pathology. To them it's simply beyond the realm of the possible - indeed, a crime! - that people might be genuinely worried about the fate of their culture and continent. This type of custodians of 'European values' have no qualm whatsoever of beating up and criminalizing civiliations and politicians with whom they happen to disagree. Even manufactured charges do not seem to trigger a red-hot-moral-no-no meme with these Quislings. They have become amoral thugs, who have lost sight of their opponents humanity, and do not know it. That is what scares me to death.

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Live Report of the SIOE Demo in Brussels

Updates on the "Stop the Islamization in Europe".

altI am reporting on the demo as news breaks from a number of Belgian sites which are mostly in Flemish. I will make on the spot translations. My typing may not be hundred percent, as speed considerations prevail.

12.00 hours: Assembly now at Schuman Square.

12.10 hours: arrest have been made. Reverting. Socialist Mayor apparently issued a "No Passaran".

12.15 hours: Focus TV - Even before noon some 10 people have been arrested on Luxemburg Square. It is uncertain who they are. Apart from the neo Nazi trolls, there's also fear for Arab European League (AEL)presence. This immigrants advocacy organization is closely linked to Hezbollah. They are best described as Radical Islamicist Marxists. The secessionist Vlaams Belang political party - loosely translated as 'Flemish Interests' - were prominently around. Reverting.

12.35 hours: Brussels News Radio is reporting that the anti Islamization rally has "of course" been prohibited by the Mayor. Brussels' European quarter seems under a state of siege. Mounted police and press everywhere. About 200 Vlaams Belang (VB) people have been arrested very heavy handedly and taken away in police vans to the "Palace of Justice". Its chairman has been filmed - kicking and screaming - and shouting: "Is this democracy in Belgium?!". A number of Brussels Council members are present: mentioned were Johan Arkens, Johan Demol and Jos van Assen. Police presence is massive. At the train (or metro) station a number of Dutch neo Nazi trolls have been arrested. There are a few counter demonstrators around, yelling "racists". Of our people, no mention at all ... reverting.

altFirst photo material: arrest of Frank Vanhecke, chairman VB:

13.00 hours: A number of Flemish and Dutch media are marginally reporting that Philip Dewinter, the political leader of Vlaams Belang, has been arrested, while shouting: "We are against the Islamization of Europe". This is bad news, folks. Our demo is being overshadowed by Vlaams Belang, who - as organization of some repute - draw most of the attention. Our message is "lumped" together with their reputation of being nothing short of "extreme Rightist" (by European crypto Marxist standards, that is). Sht!

14.15 hours: Some Belgian MSM are reporing the demo is basically over. The police tactic seems to be have been to concentrate the demo on Schuhman Sq. This was as per agreement however. I'm still screening, but this seems to be basically it ... No mention of if AEL members are around; some considered the planned counter rally by AEL a ploy, an excuse for Freddy to blackball the SIOE demo, anyway.

alt14.30 hours: Henrik, commentator on Gates of Vienna, reporting as follows: "My Hungarian friend now reports that they held the planned 1 minute of silence for the victims of 9/11, and that there will be a press conference at 16:30. They are at Luxembourg Square (next to the EP), no police brutality has been spotted there." They seemed to have concentrated their violent efforts on Vlaams Belang ... I'll try to find more on this press conference ...

15.20 hours: First images, a sort of slide presentation (scroll down a bit!) on "Het Belang van Limburg", a provincial news outlet. What it comes down to, is the molestation of VB people, VanHecke and Dewinter, by the police. Further on more VB people in tees and blacks bags over their heads. The elderly gentleman shown at the end of the presentation looks like he just had his first demo. It doesn't look good at all, folks ... reverting.

15.30 hours: International Herald Tribune: "Police arrest 2 far-right Belgian leaders at anti-Islam 9/11 protest" >>>

alt16.15 hours: Baron Bodissey at Gates of Vienna reporting as follows: "Italian Euro-Deputy Arrested in Brussels" - From the feedback section at the Brussels Journal - Belgian police have stopped the Euro Deputy of the "Lega Nord" Mario Borghezio before an anti-Islam protest. Borghezio in person told that in a phone call, he told he was in a police van and denounced beatings from police officers. He's supposely being held with another 20 people."

16.25 hours: Vlaams Belang (VB) website reporting without further details, that French MEP Carl Lang is also one of those arrested.

16.55 hours: More pics on Yahoo News: undisputed First Prize ... Cum Laude (above): Solvit! Indeed ...

17.05 hours: Dutch Socialist news rag De Volkskrant has an article which describes the typical European attitude that will be our undoing: "The Belgian media criticised the heavy handed police actions; Dewinter and Vanhecke can now present themselves as martyrs. "It's correct that Europe and its values are in danger", reacted Secretary General Terry Davis of the Council of Europe in Strasbourg. "But the danger is not emanating from Islam. Our common European values are undermined by demogogues and radicals, both Islamic and Isla
mophobe, who are exploiting fear and bigotry for their own political profit"
. ... for the time being it's unSolvit, or more probable: deSolvit!

19.00 hours: Vlaams Belang (VB) website has a video running of today's disturbing goings-on in front of the Euro Parliament Building in Brussels. One conclusion from this war zone and its preparations is undeniable: there are three parties calling the shots in Belgium (and this is probably true for Europe as a whole): crypto Marxists, neo Nazis and Islamists: the unholy totalitarian threesom. More on this happy all-in-the-family in tomorrow's post.

Image: courtesy Atlas Shrugs

Of the Cavalry, the Khalifate & Continents Full of Treason

altMayor Freddy 'The Toad' Thielemans owes Stop Islamization of Europe Organization, what can by now be termed, a Veritable Global Celebrity Status! Let's show him once more in full glory:

Here comes the U.S. Cavalry to the rescue of the brave men and women who are out there tomorrow, saving Europe from the clutches of the Marxist Khalifate of Brussels! Well, perhaps not the real cavalry, but a few pick-me-ups, anyway:

- Human Events: "European Leaders Not Protecting Society from a Muslim Culture" by Italian freelance columnist and blogger Stefania Lapenna. It's worth a quote or two. "... those supposed to protect our lives, liberties and security are doing just the opposite, including against the very people who voted them into office."

alt"The biggest and deadliest threat we now face is the willful blindness of the European bureaucratic leaders who run in fear at the thought of non-Muslims exercising their fundamental rights to free speech and assembly. Most recently Brussels' mayor, Freddy Thielemans, banned a peaceful demonstration organized by a non-political group of European citizens who decided to join forces to voice their discontent with appeasement and political correctness."

"That they've chosen the symbolic date of 9/11 is unexceptionable, as they intended to protest the war on civilization declared on September 11, 2001. The mayor deliberately censored the use of the 'M' word ... Neither he nor the European Court of Human Rights are willing to deal with truly hate-promoting, racist front groups like the Arab-European League (AEL), an Islamo-fascist gang inspired by Hezbollah ..."

alt"Eurocrats may well try to prohibit rallies, censor taboo words and all they deem a menace to their Eurabian project, but they will have sooner or later have to come to terms with millions of Muslims who are already conquering - silently but surely - the whole Continent and won't hesitate to subjugate even those who allowed them to assault an entire system of values ... >>>

- Cybercast News Service: "Anti-Shari'a 9/11 Protest Will Go Ahead Despite Hurdles, Organizers Say", by Patrick Goodenough, who - contrary to EP' Socialist Gruppen Leader Schulz - was good enough to visit the SIOE websites: "... they are continuing to appeal on their Web sites for participants to follow a set of simple rules ..."Racists and violent people or organizations are not welcome to join our demonstration ..." >>>

The officials' sensitivities of the date 9/11 don't extend to 9/9, a day which carries no symbolic significance whatsoever. Hence:

- While in Brussels the Troofers of the 9/11 Conspiracy Theories United were out in force yesterday - all 200 of them - for a spot of French style capitalist bashing, New York was the proud host of the Annual Islamists Day Parade - ah, the beauty of the free world! La Geller of Atlas Shrugs talks you through that: downtown Manhattan she's told to 'cover up'. I'm refraining from further comment. >>>

- Atlas Shrugs has an exclusive written by Dr Paul Williams: "Media Alter bin Laden's Message": "Real warning received no airing on major news outlets, leading Pakistani broadcaster charges ... 'We must sacrifice our lives to attack the enemy.' This statement ... is a call for suicide attacks ..." Osama's  postscript under way ...  >>>

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Open letter to Nice, Leftist people

Every once in a while I receive messages from mainstream Leftists who tell me that they too want to defend the freedoms and rights of Western democracy against the encroaching theocracy of Islam. They should know they are dissenters in the face of the recent EuroParl Socialist Group's claims of leading the condemnation of the "Stop Islamization of Europe" movement. I consider them from hereon the political Owners of this vital subject in Europe.

With them are any number of local and national Leftist parties that are also overtly siding with Islam, if only because they cannot resist the attraction of the 'bloc' vote; but there are similarities of an ideological nature between Islam and the Left as well, worthy of a dedicated post in the near future.

In the past I would have said, okay, we have a common cause: let there be a coalition and let's set aside our differences for the moment. Not anymore. Here are a few reasons why.

- The Left may say they too want freedom and Roman Law defended against encroaching theocracy, but the "Stop Islamization of Europe" (SIOE) 9/11 demo in Brussels has been prohibited by the Left wing Mayor of that city. This has come about as the result of the Left's legalised redistribution of speech rights to unequal minority groups at the expense of universal equality and the established majority. [1]

- The Left may say they too want freedom and Roman Law defended against encroaching theocracy, but they have left brave Muslim apostates, freedom lovers like Ayaan Hirsi Ali in the lurge. Instead she's accused of being a Liberal fundamentalist, whereas intolerant critics are excused. While many Leftists are converting to Islam, there are also a great number of Muslims that can muster the courage to leave; but they need not apply at the Left for help, is the message. [2]

- The Left may say they too want freedom and Roman Law defended against encroaching theocracy, while making ridiculous charges about an impending phantom coup by the far Christian right, or a Catholic theocratic dictatorship emanating from the Vatican that will plunge the world in a prolonged era of darkness. It is a feeble attempt to collate Christianity with Islam, a favourite Leftist pastime. [3]
On the other hand, when worries as expressed by a movement as the SIOE, theirs fears are dismissed as xenohysteria, racism and Islamophobia and sometimes - a case in point is the Mayor of Brussels - even as criminals.

- The Left may say they too want freedom and Roman Law defended against encroaching theocracy, while a false discussion is raging on Intelligent Design versus Darwin's Theory of Evolution. Any options other than these two, are a priori excluded from the debate. Darwin's unproved theory provides the Left with the 'scientific' basis for their atheist ideology. Which explains the fanaticism and the dogmatism with which they've been clinging to it since 1880 and why Charles Darwin has been included in the Marxist pantheon. [4]

- The Left may say they too want freedom and Roman Law defended against encroaching theocracy, while decrying those who come out against it as racists, Fascists and Nazis in the most vile racist, Fascist and Nazistic terms possible, removing the evidence within 24 hours to avoid detection. These 'Ministries of Information' are actively harassing and closing down websites and weblogs. This undesirable development has to do with the Postmodern Leftist view, that everybody (with the exception of the members of the White Patriarch tribe [1]) is right from his or her particular perspective, rendering all forms of critique a humiliation, no person should have to endure. This leads to intolerance, which leads to more dictatorial attitudes. Immunity from criticism has almost become a human right! [5]

- The Left may say they too want freedom and Roman Law defended against encroaching theocracy, while making common cause with Turkey and the Turkish immigrant electorate in denying the historical fact of the Armenian holocaust. While Germany has gone through a painful, decades long process of national acceptance and conciliation with regard to World War II (Japan in still working on it), Turkey is allowed to duck the past and get away with genocide. It is a shame and an embarrassment! [6]

- The Left may say they too want freedom and Roman Law defended against encroaching theocracy, while increasingly siding with antisemites of various hue against the state of Israel, in defiance of the historical realities, the protected rights of Arab minorities living within Israel's borders and the primacy of the rule of law in that country, even to the point of endangering its own defenses against terrorist attacks. [7]

- The Left may say they too want freedom and Roman Law defended against encroaching theocracy, while engaging in mutual appreciation relationships with Iran, Syria, the Cuban dictatorship, and the regime of Hugo Chavez in Venezuela, to name but a few. This is in keeping with the general Leftist tendency of apologising Marxist dictatorships, no matter how many victims have ensued. [8]
Instead the Left prefer making false accusations against a friend and ally - the American administration - of having killed 2,000 innocent people in cold blood for political gain, and in doing so give credence to irrational conspiracy theories that defile the memory of the victims of 9/11. For the Left it is easier to deal with conspiracies that they can control, than with the reality of having cold hearted murderers in our midst.

- The Left may say they too want freedom and Roman Law defended against encroaching theocracy, while apologising and/or denying terrorism (case need both at the same time!). A short term state of denial is understandable and healthy, but at a certain point reality has to set in. Confronted with the dilemma to hold those responsible to account at the risk of provoking Muslim wrath, they chose to project their anger on to their own governments, who as a consequence are painted hateful, divisive, full of vitriol and bile, bigoted, intolerant and hatemongering. [9]

- The Left may say they too want freedom and Roman Law defended against encroaching theocracy, while simultaneously denouncing 'eternal truths' and 'dogmas' in the face of their unshaken belief in Human Rights and democracy. [10]

- The Left may say they too want freedom and Roman Law defended against encroaching theocracy, while simultaneously undermining the opposition's endeavours towards the dissemination of freedom and democracy whenever the opportunity presents itself. [11]

- The Left may say they too want freedom and Roman Law defended against encroaching theocracy, while reviving a pernicious ideology that has negatively influenced global politics since the philosopher Rousseau published his position on egalitarian collectivism. This school of thought has gone through many cultural and political guises, from Romanticism to Communism and National Socialism, from cultural Marxism to its latest incarnation, Islamic Leftism (or Leftist Islamism). Estimated number of victims to date: 110 million. [12]

- The Left may say they too want freedom and Roman Law defended against encroaching theocracy, but even after the fall of the Soviet Union, Marxism has never conceded defeat. The subversion program that aims at destructing the West from within was completely forgotten, while in fact it was secretly ongoing and is now nearing completion. [13]

- The Left may say they too want freedom and Roman Law defended against encroaching theocracy, but you are actively foisting the morality of your ideology onto people of other persuasions - either by the soft pressure of political correctness, or by furthering legislation to that effect. It turns otherwise law abiding citizens into criminals, should they feel the need to assert their consciences. There is a word for that: it's tyranny. [14]

In spite of vehement Leftist denial, each of us, Left, Right and mainstream, today stands at a major cross roads in human history. Will you follow the Left into a post-democratic era under crypto Islamic Leftism?

This is the reality we face today: a prospect that is in the making as we speak. Europe is not only morally and culturally sick, it is also literally, demographically 'dying' thanks to Cultural Marxism's 'non family planning' and the rest of the "progressive" moral subversion program [12].

Or, are we re-taking the road that has made us who we are? A choice for true Enlightenment: liberty, mutually beneficial free market capitalism, universal equality, limited government for and by the people, equal chances for all mature, responsible individuals on this continent, that came into being through Greco-Roman and Judeo-Christian values, on which the present unequaled prosperity, freedom and human rights rest?

Will we finally tell the collectivist pocket potentates where they get off? That enough is enough! Collectivism - be it Leftist, Rightist or Islamic - is mutually exclusive with individual freedom.

You, our nice, mainstream Leftist friends, need to be educated about the ideology you keep so close to your heart. You need to know that it isn't about "being nice towards working class people at the expense of rich fat cats"; just as multiculturalism isn't about "being nice to immigrants". It is a covert means to redistribute power and rights at the expense of Western civilization as we know it. It weakens and distracts us. The diabolical ploy has long been exposed as the cynical excuse for the power grab that it is: power for power's sake!

My friends, your denial of the reality of terrorism is but the last drop ... your irresponsible attitude in the face of a crucial moment in time urges me to declare that there's a line in the sand for you too! The time of muddling through with 'Left Light' must be over. Make the choice for freedom now while you can! If you are willing to do that, there will be a coalition and together we can try to stem the tide that you have unleashed through your brainless idealism.

Lux et Libertas,

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Socialists Lead Condemnation of Anti-Islam Demo on 9/11

While already in the process of 'fisking' captioned news item on the official website of The Socialist Group in the European Parliament to shreds, I concluded with a certain tired melancholy that one doesn't actually know where to begin.

As a supporter of the SIOE, personal insults on the basis of Socialists' "beliefs" aside, let's restrict ourselves for the moment to the main conclusions:

alt1. The European Socialists are leading "international support" for the SIOE 9/11 demo ban by their ideological colleague, the Mayor of Brussels. They do so by reaffirming their "belief" that "intercultural dialogue is the best way of dealing with the sources of fundamentalist terrorism" - a discourse they propose to conduct with a cultural and religious section of society (Muslims) who have no relation whatsoever with said "fundamentalist terrorism". Why then have the dialogue, about "the sources",in the first place? This circular reasoning doesn't make sense and begs for a rational clarification!

2. In the face of the seriousness of the situation - this week alone there were two thwarted terrorist attempts, one in Germany and another in Denmark, both of which were unrelated to the Religion of Peace - the Socialists seem to be leaning rather heavily on their "belief". Actually it's rather inadequate, considering authorities' first duty: assuring the safety of the population.

3. The Socialist Group leader's title wouldn't be unbecoming the Head Boy of a local Scouting Club, but that doesn't stand in the way of launching some serious investigations. Later in the letter, belief makes place for conviction: "Like you, we are convinced that the people behind this demonstration want above all to stigmatise a community for dark racist and xenophobic reasons as is proven by the readiness to lump Islam together with fundamentalist terrorism."

It's quite obvious how Mr Schulz has convinced himself of the above, but one thing is for sure: his vigorous research didn't extend to visiting the SIOE's websites or the reading of SIOE press releases. But then, he didn't have to, did he? 'Lumping' is all the proof required for vile accusations and the withdrawal of democratic rights. Hey, let's lump some more! All Socialists are paternalistic authoritarians!

- "Stop Islamization of Europe" HQ
- "SIOE England: No Sharia Here"

Sign the petition!

* Racism is the lowest form of stupidity! Islamophobia is the height of common sense!
* No Sharia Here!
* Democracy not Theocracy!
* Enough is Enough!

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Of Free Range Porky & The Return of Talib's Mum

It's been some time since we've done loose niche noos. There are some worth the bother:

The MS (and not so MS) M:
alt- Military.com: "China's People's Liberation Army hacked into a computer network at the Pentagon in an attack that has US officials concerned about the growing regularity and sophistication of China's technological assaults" ... "two days before German Chancellor Angela Merkel met Chinese Prime Minister Wen Jiabao in Beijing last week (that) Chinese hackers had infiltrated German government computers with spy programs." >>>

- The BBC is reporting that the Mother of the Taliban is heading home: "Former Pakistani PM Benazir Bhutto says she will return to the country "very soon", despite having reached no power-sharing deal with the government ... she would announce the date of her return on 14 September." >>>

alt- EUX: (N.B.!) "The European Commission ... on Monday outlined what it called "radical" changes to its relations with the countries that border on the union ... European Commission Vice President Benita Ferrero-Waldner said the Commission proposes to open up the European markets to workers, services and goods from the EU's neighbours." >>>

From Stop the Islamization of Europe (SIOE) Headquarters:

- SIOE HQ: There have been some rumours that different political parties and organisations have planned to hold several demonstrations in Brussels (on 9/11). This could not be further from the truth! ... we are brothers and sisters for this one day. ... No Sharia Here! Democracy not Theocracy! Enough is Enough! >>>

The Blogs:

alt- Flanders Fields: "The next step toward the dissolution of the USA was officially put into place on Saturday. The beginning of the NAU (North American Union) has now been officially established ... This is the American equivalent of the forcing of the EU constitution on the people of the formerly altindependent states of Europe ... The intent is ... to merge areas which were once sovereign into manageable regional authorities, and that there will be no cohesive group which has power to oppose the consolidation ... wait until you face the interjection of innumerable regulatory committees into the bureaucracy of such an entity. Europeans already face this ... The same fate is planned for the USA and it's citizens, of that I have no doubt. >>>

- A different take on dysfunction in Islamic societies, by The Truth Shall Set You Free's Justin Halter, Professor of comparative religions, a rare species in contemporary humanity, the Seeker of Truth: "Arabs formalized and guaranteed permanent polygamy through their religion, and thus introduced a powerful destabilizing element in their own societies ... This continual and perpetual shortage of women created a continual and perpetual surplus of warriors, fodder for the expansion of the society through conquest. >>>

alt- "Chimes of Freedom!" Let Liberty Reign! Let Freedom Ring! ... or A Real Live Example of Narcissistic Awe or Psychological Projection (probably both): if you think of yourself as a nice and peaceful person, while actually you are full of wrath and hatred, the psychological coping device of projection makes the object of your wrath the one that's hateful, divisive, full of vitriol and bile, bigoted, intolerant and hatemongering ... something like:

"BS! This blog is very much an incitement to racial hatred ... the cynicism of capitalist business organisations ... endorse fascist movements ... Fascists and racists are not so much birds of prey but scavengers ... should (not) be tolerated ... by allowing scum the freedom to publish, both Blogger and Google put themselves among the lowest and most vile company of the human species. ... the scum of the earth, the lowest of the low, parasites, viruses indeed, unworthy of living ... The sooner they are dealt with, prevented from spewing their venom, the better ... nothing but a lowly coward ... canaille are parasites, blood-suckers who feed like vultures ... devils like Bush, Blair & Co whose interest is ... to rape the Earth and its peoples. It is THEY who are the Evil Ones, the "forces of dajjal" as Islam calls them ... We remind these new chickenhawk fascists of the words of the Spanish Internationale: "‘No Pasaran! In this filthy game you dare to play, you will not win ... the phrase 'Peace be Unto Him' ... is "Hello, my friend, I respect you." Similarly PBUH." >>>

altMore from the Dept. of Information next time round. For those who - in the face of perpetual persecution by 'the voice of freedom' and his ilk - wish to join me in a request to Blogger to reinstate the publishing rights of the culprits, Le Blog de Cochon Hallal, go here.
Bees pee upon them all (BPUTA)!
Hat tip: Le Blog de Cochon Hallal

Updating throughout the day, as The News As We Like To Report It, presents itself.

Update: In Denmark and Germany four and three men were apprehended respectively in 'major terrorist threats'. Of the lot arrested in Germany, two were converts to Islam. I'd like to make a prediction here and now that within the foreseeable future most terrorist threats will come from converts, men and women. Sad, but true. They are certainly as fanatical as jihadis ("the fire of the convert" is proverbial) and about three times as pathological! Of course you have to be an insane totalitarian in the first place to resort to such practices.

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Greece Disaster Relief Night

Tom Hanks has just contributed 100,000 Euros alttowards the Greek disaster relief fund. Thanks from the heart, Tom!

Any donation is sincerely appreciated by the people who were hit by the recent wildfire disaster!

You will find the links to make your donation at the top of the left hand column of this blog.

Ευχαριστω, in gratitude!

- 2nd September - "The War Against the Greek State"
- 28th August - "Greece: The Political Fall-Out Begins"
- 27th August - "No Let up: Devastating Wildfires, Earthquakes and Calculating EU Politicians!"
- 26th August - "Burning Our History"
- 26th August - "Who's Burning Greece"

The War Against the Greek State

Sit down for Sunday's exclusive: an in-depth view of Greek independent journalist and Junior Analyst & Coordinator at the World Security Network Foundation (Southeastern Europe Office), Ioannis Michaletos on the context of the recent spate of wildfires in the country. The article in which he lays down his insights was published yesterday as Security Briefing on the site of the Research Institute for European & American Studies.

Let me start by stressing that the opposition's denouncing of the incumbent government's handling of the biggest crisis since World War II as 'a national humiliation' and 'organised incompetence' - given the timing (a number of fires are still raging, while funerals are yet taking place), is distasteful towards the victims, demagogic towards the electorate and irrelevant, if one takes the trouble of looking a little deeper than just subsurface at the data, underlying the problem.

On the causes of the orchestrated wildfires Michaletos writes: "one has to take into consideration the important economic-political and geoeconomic events that took place over the past few years in Greece and in the wider Balkans-Eastern Mediterranean region. New pipeline networks, importation of Chinese, Arab, Russian, and new American capital and corporations, along with the political instability that hinders an area from Bosnia to Iran and from Sudan to Caucasus."

alt"Furthermore, the all-pervading criminal networks have gained a lot of strength over the past decade due to the opportunities the globalization process provides for their communication, transfer of funds and recruitment. A combination of political aims, ill-aimed business strategies, and abundance of 'executive personnel', is a first clue of what might have caused the current situation and what lies ahead, not just for Greece but for the whole world" ... which touches rather deeper than a government that is simply 'incapable'.

Some figures: in the three months of summer one million hectares of forests and arable land have been destroyed, thousands of buildings, 77 people have died and an estimated 30,000 people have become homeless. As much as three hundred fires erupted on any given day, in remote regions of Greece, and at night time.

"The current available information points to a coordinated arson plan that aimed to destabilize the country's social and political climate, as well as, a sort of wide range punitive measures against the incumbent Greek administration."

- TV Station ANT1 revealed last week that Europol had informed the Greek government of 'a plan'.
- The weekly newspaper 'To Paron' revealed an effort by the National Intelligence Service to apprehend arsonists throughout the summer.
- The Greek press reporting warnings issued by Interpol over the past few months.

altWhat remains unreported in the international press, is that these series of arson attacks aren't isolated cases. The list of occurrences reads like a war of intimidation being waged against the Greek state. Michaletos:

"Another element that further attests to the scenario of a well-coordinated destabilization plan, is the continuous arson near power factories, such as the case of Aliveri, Megalopoli, Domokos, Lamia transmission network and Parnitha peripheral power center, amongst other."

"The prefecture of Ileia was also the target of a bombing attack against a dam of the river Alfeios, last spring. "Up to date there is no tangible evidence on who participated in this terrorist action, that failed to most extent because the dam was not destroyed, saving thus the lives of many citizens and the agricultural production of the area ..."

"There are continuous attacks against Athenian police stations since late 2006 with machine guns and hand grenades. There were tens of suspicious homicide attempts against police officers, patrolling the city of Athens."

"The only organizations having the logistics in place for the series of arson attacks are international criminal networks. "... only an internationally networked factor could have organized the whole scheme, preferably associated with illegal industries such as narcotics, trafficking and weapons smuggling."

It has become fairly obvious in recent years that the authorities can hardly distinguish the criminal from the terrorist elements. Terrorist groups and organized crime are using each others facilities; terrorism is financed with criminal activities. The article "Terrorists Teaming with Drug Cartels" in the Washington Times describes some surprising directions that this cooperation is taking and what the DEA is having the deal with.

On the Greek disaster front, the media are porting on very sophisticated methods of operation. A device that can be ignited by mobile phone at any desired time - case need even operated from abroad - which was also the method of choice in the Madrid bombings in March 2003. It is pointed out that the first time this method was used globally, was in the Greek city of Larissa, outside a provisional court by an obscure ultra-left wing terrorist group.

"That evidence alone reveals the interconnection between local 'anti-systemic' groups in Greece with international terrorism and consequently with the organized crime in and outside the Greek borders. It is safe to assume that this could well be the case in this summer's arson."

altGreece is well endowed with Left wing groups: besides the main opposition Socialist party, it is even host to an old-fashioned, pro-Soviet style Communist Party, priding itself on steadily scoring just under ten percent of the vote. RevLeft is another party making up the spectrum of the Leftist opposition. The unofficial Leftist scene consists of the universally rebellious student folk, next to anarchists and nihilists.

Michaletos describes yet another arson device that could be used, months after installation, in any remote forest area and easily monitored via GPS. "It provides a tremendous advantage to the arsonists of controlling the space and time they want to ignite fire and confuse the fire brigades and the police."

"If the hypothesis that it is a transnational well-organized plan is valid, then the Greek state should be prepared for more asymmetrical-nature challenges at least for the near future ... not just for Greece but for the whole world."

Personally I don't know what to make of the recent statement by the EU Commissioner Franco Frattini on 'territorial terrorism' and linking that directly to the 'construction mob'. But according to Michaletos this is "crystal-clear evidence that the EU has been to an extent prepared to face tough challenges for the future relating to a new form of terror aimed into subduing governments and the whole society under the realm of transnational criminal entities that have to be dealt with sooner or later."

altTo my mind the destabilization efforts across the country, just a few days before the general elections, is pointing to a Spanish scenario, by which a right wing government that is seen by the forces of darkness as unsympathetic to the cause, is forced out of office by an electorate in denial of the pressures of intimidation.

"By 2012 Greece will have finished its infrastructure investment program and it will have the most advanced road, port, airport and telecommunication network in the Balkans-Eastern Mediterranean and beyond." International organized crime and terrorist organizations want to establish bases in Greece. Kosovo and the Balkans will form the hinterland, while headquarters may be located in Greece."

"The current administration has exposed many types of high level corruption in the past three years: record narcotics busts, scandals in the judicial sector, scandals in the finance sector, the scandal with the telephone surveillance, etc. Thus it is not seen as 'positive in assisting' the expansion of organized crime."

altWhile the recent polls show a neck and neck race between the two main parties, the Socialist opposition sending a few thousand supporters by mobile phone and email bursts to the main cities' central squares to protest against the government, sounds positively vacuous in its lack of proportion and insight. The buying of votes in the largest of the stricken areas by promises of major investment must sound specifically hollow to the victims that happen to be living in other areas of the country.

This reaction lays bare the moral bankruptcy that is characteristic of the Left today, as they cry foul over the temporary loss to the environment, while the permanent loss of human life has become something of an afterthought.

The Left at this moment in time has become the victim of their own autistic, Narcissistic rage, that is only capable of waging suicidal politics through a one-track irrational mind: by hysterically decrying, scandalising and obstructing right-of-centre governments across the globe at every possible turn, and the issues - however vital and existential - be damned.

It seems to be the curse of Fourth Generation Warfare that it is defined by an adverse public relations battle at the home front.

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Why the Mayor of Brussels Gags Free Speech (9)

~ Continued from Part 8: Hysterically Moving the Goal Posts ~

"Violence does not and cannot exist on its own.
It's invariably intertwined with 'The Lie'."
- Alexander Solzhenitsyn

In the present series on the intricacies of Postmodernism (Pomo, or crypto cultural Marxism) we are looking at the use of language, speech in particular. In the preceding posts we discussed a number of the peculiarities that are the result of the Postmodern way of looking at language: not as a vehicle for the transmission of objective data, but to convey a personal version of reality.

In this instalment we'll go further into what the consequences are for the application of Pomo speech: the restriction of free speech by the apparent changing of the rule book in mid-play, as witnessed at present by the Socialist Mayor of Brussels in prohibiting an independent, Paneuropean, grassroots demo against the Islamization of the continent.

In an article adapted from a lecture address given by Stephen Hicks at The Objectivist Center during the 2002 Summer Seminar we find our answer. Hicks uncovers the Left's totalitarian designs on free speech, which they find must be 'redistributed' like tax payer's money.

Hicks, in explaining the idea, uses the analogy of a largely American policy, which has proved useful during the early years of civil rights movement: positive action (or affirmative action, or positive discrimination), and a practical example from the world of sports: shooting hoops with a star basketball champ, who's been lumbered with ankle weights to equalize the chances.

As in some sports, this Marxist vehicle to multiculturalism posits to fit out the stronger, established groups with a similar 'handicap'. The weaker cultural, social and ethnic groups - the subjective minorities, or oppressed victims - are compensated in a measure approximately proportionate to their inequality. Thus the playing field is levelled.

As a temporary policy positive action may have served its purposes, but it has created institutionalized inequality instead of eradicating it. It now comes back to haunt us: the Left is using the same principle to suppress speech rights for the established, supposedly stronger majority.

The collectivist, subjective set of measures is the expectant mother of many evils, but a potentially devastating consequence is, that it may turn the Western world into an intellectual graveyard as individual freedom to pursue knowledge through debate, critique and free enquiry, is being suppressed.

Hicks provides a few samples of speech code which we've all come to know very well, potentially turning perpetrators into veritable criminals:

"Any behavior, verbal or physical, that stigmatizes or victimizes an individual or a group on the basis of race, sex, religion, color, creed, disability, sexual orientation, national origin, ancestry or age of the individual or individuals, etc. etc. ...... "

... which acts as a handicap for the established, stronger social groups. Moreover, Postmodern Leftists have literally taken leave of their senses, making no distinction between speech, and act, as Classical Liberalism has always made a point of doing.

Speech may have the intent to hurt. Sound waves beating against the other party's eardrums are just as bad as hitting him over the head with a baseball club. Therefore, the symbolic date of 9/11 for the Brussels demo, lumped the process of Islamization together with a terrorist act on that date!

That's why, in the International Herald Tribune Burgomaster Freddy goes on the record as saying that in a secular democracy "it cannot be that women and men are ... suspected of having committed the worst crimes" simply because they are Muslims, while in fact the demonstrators are not committing any such crudity! All they want is equality and Roman law, not Sharia.

The moving of the goal posts - declaring the rules applicable to one side only - works in tandem with the above surreal confusion of terms. It is one of Marxism's concepts to win power - or destruct. We've seen it at work in the persistent calling for tolerance, to which we should add: "yes, but that only applies to you, stupid!", as it acts as an equalizing ankle weight for the establishment: they are to practice tolerance, they may not generalize, are not allowed to stigmatize, or discriminate.

The Left on the other hand, and by extension all the weaker, oppressed minority groups which they portent to represent, are above such conventions and can breach the rule book for all they are worth. And we, stupid objectivists, still thinking there's just one set of rules for the whole of humanity ...!

It's a decades old invention of the grandfather of the Frankfurt School of Western Marxism, Herbert Marcuse. It's called repressive tolerance. The Socialist Mayor of Brussels is simply applying cultural Marxism to the entire continent of Europe!

For daily purposes the Left imposes their one-sided rules by the social pressure of political correctness. In other cases a verdict by an independent court is required. That court will apply the Belgian Anti Racism Act.

While redistribution of capital used to be the favorite means to Utopia for economical Marxism, in this case the redistribution of speech rights is the pet vehicle to cultural egalitarianism (multiculturalism). As for the Muslims, success breeds conceit: they're supposed to be the new gays!

(If the video refuses service, here's a link.)

~ To be continued in Part 10: "While violence as a political means to power, was justified by Rousseau, Marx et al., I'm sure Radical Islamists have their own Koranic sources." ~

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